Fluoro-Ruby ® Sample Photomicrographs

1. Following striatal stereotaxic injection, Fluoro-Ruby is transported to the substantia nigra of a rat. Extensive anterograde terminal labeling within the pars reticulata is seen at right, while a few cells seen at left in the medial pars compacta exhibit retrograde labeling as well.

2. Fluoro-Ruby labeled axons and terminals in the superficial layers of the superior colliculus are seen here, following injection into the substantia nigra.

3. Fluoro-Ruby labeled axons and terminals are seen in the rat striatum following tracer injection into the contralateral substantia nigra.

4. High magnification view of previous photomicrograph reveals labeled axons and terminals, as well as the occasional brightly labeled vascular pericyte.

5. Although less well characterized than its anterograde transport properties, Fluoro-Ruby can also undergo retrograde axonal transport, as demonstrated by these neurons of the thalamic parafascicular nucleus seen following injection of the tracer into the striatum.

6. Combined ultraviolet / green light excitation of the superior colliculus reveals the simultaneous localization of DAPI labeled cell bodies relative to Fluoro-Ruby labeled afferent fibers from the striatum.

7. Stereotaxic injection of both the anterograde axonal tracer Fluoro-Ruby and the retrograde axonal tracer Distilbene-Gold (see future products) results in the former labeling terminals in the substantia nigra pars reticulata and the latter labeling cells within the pars compacta. Combined ultraviolet and green light excitation.