Fluoro-Jade ® B Sample Photomicrographs

1. Low magnification photomicrograph of the hippocampus of a rat exposed to kainic acid, a glutamate agonist. Virtually all of the CA-1 and CA-4 regions are Fluoro-Jade B positive, the CA-1 and CA-2 regions contain variable labeling and the dentate gyrus is devoid of label.

2. High magnification of the polymorphic region of the dentate gyrus seen in previous micrograph.

3. Low magnification of the central nucleus of the amydgala of an animal exposed to kainic acid.

4. High magnification of the central nucleus of the amydgala reveals both Fluoro-Jade B positive cells and terminals.

5. Following exposure to 3-nitropropionic acid (3-NPA), an inhibitor of metabolic respiration, the rat striatum reveals Fluoro-Jade B positive cells and neuropil. Only the penetrating myelinated fascicles and surrounding cortex are not undergoing degeneration.

6. Survey view of the dorsal medulla of a rat exposed to aurothioglucose. This anti-arthritis drug gains access to the brain through the area postrema, resulting in extensive Fluoro-Jade B labeling in the adjacent gracile, vagal and hypoglossal nuclei.

7. Examination of the cerebellum following exposure to the anorexic drug d-fenfluramine reveals one Fluoro-Jade B positive basket cell with conspicuous dendrites.

8. The insular cortex of a rat treated with MDMA reveals a number of Fluoro-Jade B positive pyramidal neurons and terminals.

9. Multiple labeling with Fluoro-Jade B and DAPI in the hippocampus of a kainic acid exposed rat reveals viable blue granule cells and degenerating green hilar cells and terminals. Combined blue/ultraviolet illumination.

10. Multiple labeling in the cerebellum of a MDMA exposed rat simultaneously reveals a lone Fluoro-Jade positive Purkinje cell as well as numerous DAPI positive granule cells. Combined blue/ultraviolet illumination.

11. Multiple labeling in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus following exposure to aurothioglucose reveals both Fluoro-Jade B positive degenerating neurons and GFAP positive immunofluorescent reactive astrocytes. Combined blue/green light excitation.